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Productos Aditivos was founded in 1929 in Barcelona, as a producer of saccharin and chloroform. Soon after the company started to evolve into what it is today: the sole European producer of saccharin and cyclamate, being the preferred partner for a large number of companies in the high-end of the food market and the pharmaceutical industry, throughout more than 60 countries.

During the last decade Productos Aditivos entered in several new ventures, with the production of Fortification Premixes, Polisucra® Sweetener-blends and Flavours. In all these fields we take advantage of our profound knowledge in R&D, Production, QC and Quality Assurance. Over 80 years of close cooperation with a wide range of companies throughout different industries, give us a solid background to offer significant added value also with these business lines.


Design, produce and sell excipients and food additives of best quality, applying the highest safety standards to safe-guard the well-being of the final consumer, our clients, our workers and the society in general.

Being a reliable supplier, regarding product quality and service, as well as any other compromise towards our clients.

Continuously improve the satisfaction of our clients, supplying products of high quality with best service at optimum price, in order to improve their benefit.

Being a reliable partner for our partners, clients as well as suppliers, always trying to obtain maximum benefit for all parties to assure continuity of business. Satisfaction of workers, with training, information and acknowledgement.

Develop all activities of the company with the maximum respect for the society in general, especially regarding the environment, minimizing or eliminating any impact our activities could have.


  • Over 80 years in production of food- and pharmaceutical additives
  • Over 4.000 mt of additives produced per year
  • Over 2.000 flavours developed
  • More than 25 % of our team is chemist
  • The 1 and only European producer of Cyclamate and Saccharin
  • Supplying to far over 100 pharmaceutical companies
  • Sales to over 60 countries on 6 continents
  • Shipments from 5 kg to 22.000kg., depending on the product
  • 5 courses per year for our people in production and laboratory
  • Over 15 audits per year
  • 15 minutes from Seaport, 20 minutes from airport, 5 minutes from major European motorway
  • 1 dedicated line for Saccharine production
  • 1 dedicated line for Cyclamate production
  • Partner in 2 EU- R&D projects
  • Partner in 5 Spanish R&D projects
  • Over 350 new products developed per year


Producing for the food - and Pharmaceutical Industry

Avenida La Ferrería, nº 40 - 08110, Montcada i Reixac, Barcelona (Spain) +34 93 564 15 99

The sole European producers of saccharin and cyclamate

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